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Got a question about our analytics? We’ve got the answers!

Learning an entirely new analytics page can certainly be overwhelming. Don’t worry, though, we have you covered! We gathered the most common questions and put them into this article to help you navigate our analytics like a pro.

General Questions
Download Page Questions
Earnings Page Questions

General Questions

For questions related to the entirety of our Analytics.

What time frame is used for the overview numbers?

All numbers displayed in the 'Overview Section' for each tab are an accumulation of all your data to date. These numbers won’t change even as you filter through different date ranges as they are your all-time numbers.

Why am I seeing “Calculating” instead of a number?

This just means that we need a little bit more time, or data, from your show in order to provide you with an accurate calculation. If your show has only been on RedCircle for a few weeks/months, then we may not have the best calculation quite yet. We populate an accurate calculation once we have enough data from the episodes you published on RedCircle.

Why am I seeing “Insufficient data” instead of a graph?

This message indicates that we don’t have enough data for your show yet. This could mean a few things; either your show is too new or the time range you selected is a short window that doesn’t have data.

Is RedCircle IAB certified?

While we may not hold an IAB certificate, our analytics do strictly adhere to the IAB podcast measurement standards

Downloads Page Questions

For questions related to the Downloads page specifically.

What counts as a download?

Our stats system complies with the IAB podcast measurement standards which is the agreed-upon industry system for measuring podcast listening. The measurement guidelines are complicated, but in general, a “download” means that the listener either streamed or downloaded a portion of the content. The same device on the same network downloading the same content within 24 hours will not be counted twice.

If you're looking to understand "how big is my audience?", most advertisers look at your "30-day" or "90-day" post-release episode download numbers. So, if you look at an episode that is 30 or 90 days old, the number of downloads that that episode received is the standard way to think about your audience size.

How do we calculate average episode downloads?

We take all the episodes that have been published between 6 months ago and 6 weeks ago and average their downloads. This number may change based on that historical data.

How do we calculate average weekly downloads?

We consider downloads on your podcast over the past month across all episodes, and average those to a weekly number. This number may change based on that historical data.

Why do my downloads look smaller/why do I only see the last 30 days?

We currently default the time range to the most recent 30 days. You can filter this time range however you’d like (e.g. 'All Time') to see more of your data.

Why am I seeing “TBD” for Since Published Episode Performance?

TBD” (To Be Determined) indicates that not enough time has passed yet for us to get that day-specific number. For example, say you posted an episode 5 days ago. We know how many downloads you received 1 day after you published the episode, but we won’t know how many downloads you received 7 days after, 30 days after etc. Once 7 days have passed, we know the 7-day post-release number. Once 30 days have passed, we know the 30-day post-release number, and so on.

Why am I seeing an asterisk * for Since Published Episode Performance?

An asterisk indicates that these episodes were originally published outside of RedCircle (e.g. another hosting platform before you redirected to us.) We’re not able to track those day-specific metrics for those episodes because they weren’t on RedCircle at the time they were published.

Why do the download numbers look so small on Geolocation Performance?

We can’t track the location of every download, only some, therefore not all of your downloads have a location tied to them. That said, we surface the episodes we do have downloads for and break them down for you.

Why are download numbers different on RedCircle than another platform I use?

It's difficult to compare analytics between the different listening platforms and hosts like us since the listening platforms typically adhere to their own analytic measurements rather than the industry-standard ones. Since our analytics are compliant with the IAB system, they'll look different than the non-compliant listening platforms. We recommend relying more on IAB-compliant analytics rather than any other ones.

Earnings Page Questions

For questions related to the Earnings page specifically

Why is the number I see for “RAP Programmatic Revenue” on the Revenue tab different from what I see for “Programmatic Earnings” on my RAP dashboard?

RAP Programmatic Revenue number is based on actual transactions (e.g. the amount we’ve actually paid you out for Programmatic thus far.) The Programmatic Earnings number on the RAP dashboard is the amount we’ve actually paid you plus a running, real-time estimate of what we think you’ve earned since the last payout. (e.g. It currently counts what we think you’ll make as the insertions happen in real-time.) Therefore, this number may be larger than what’s shown on the revenue tab because it’s including what you made in the past plus the estimated amount we think you’ll make since the last time we paid you out for Programmatic Ads.