Creating An Engaging Podcast

Tips on making a show your listeners will love

If you want your podcast to attract an audience and keep them coming back for every episode, then you need to focus on creating interesting and engaging content that your listeners will love. Here are a few tips on how to produce amazing podcast content for your audience.

Plan It Out

Many podcasters don't spend enough time thinking through and planning out what content is going to go into their episode. If you sit down in front of your microphone without a plan, it's unlikely you're going to produce content that your listeners think is really great.  

Before you sit down to record, plan out what topics you want to cover. Think about what stories you want to tell and what points you want to make. A little thought goes a long way towards creating content that resonates with listeners.

Don't Ramble

Though some famous podcasters can just ramble on for 3 hours on their show, most listeners are likely to turn off your show if it gets too long and doesn't have enough structure. Keep your podcast at a reasonable length, and break it up into sections so that it isn't a multi-hour free-form discussion.

When editing, use music or other audio cues to indicate to the listener that you're shifting between segments of the show.

Stay Focused

If your podcast is about pop culture - stick to pop culture.  Don't decide that this week it's all about politics.  If your audience is confused, they may unsubscribe or listen to something else.

Invite Guests

Inviting interesting guests to your podcast can be an excellent way to improve your podcast's quality and reach. Adding other interesting or funny people to the show's content can spice things up a bit and keep your audience engaged. In addition, you can have guests share your show with their social media followers which can help you to find a new audience.

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