Distributing Your Podcast to Stitcher

Add your podcast to this well-known platform!

Stitcher, alongside Spotify and Apple Podcasts, boasts a huge audience of listeners. Be sure to add your show to their platform to further widen your reach.

Stitcher requires at least one published episode in order to be accepted on their platform.

Sign Up & Add Your Show to Stitcher
Add Details to RedCircle
Already Distributing to Stitcher

Sign Up & Add Your Show to Stitcher

The first step to posting your show on Stitcher is to sign up for a Partner account. Visit their Partners page and click on the Learn more & sign up link just below the password text field:

Click on the Join Us button near the top of the page. A pop-up window appears where you can paste your RedCircle RSS Feed into the text field:

It will ‘read’ your RSS Feed and then populate the email address it finds in your Feed:

Your show won’t be posted to Stitcher until after the authorization request is completed.

The final step in the sign up process is to provide your name and email, and create a password:

Click the Sign Up link to wrap up!

It typically takes Stitcher a few days to process and approve your submission.

Having trouble? Check out Stitcher’s Help article for assistance. 

Add Details to RedCircle

After signing up with Stitcher (and after your podcast is approved), navigate to their Promote Show section and copy your Show URL:

Head back over to the Distribution page on RedCircle and open the Stitcher drop-down. Click the Distribute to Stitcher tab and paste your Stitcher Show URL into the text field:

Click the red Confirm button when finished.

Already Distributing to Stitcher

If you migrated your podcast over from another hosting platform, then you might have already set up your show on Stitcher.

All you need to do is find your Show URL on Stitcher and paste it into the provided text field on the Distribution page:

Be sure to click the red Confirm button to save the entry.