With RedCircle, you get some of the most powerful analytics tools in podcasting.  Let's take a look at the data we provide.

Data Panels

With RedCircle's analytics, you can view your downloads across different metrics.  On your analytics page, you can click on the tabs above the graph to view different data panels.

Each panel has a unique view of your download data:

  • Total Downloads: Use this panel to see your total downloads on a graph over time.  This is great for understanding how your audience has changed over time.  If you choose a shorter time window (see below) you can also understand how long it takes for users to download your new episodes after they are released. 

  • By Podcast: Use this panel to break down your number of downloads by each podcast you host on RedCircle.  For example, if you have 3 different podcasts, you'll get a table of each podcast's downloads over the selected time window.

  • By Episode: This panel breaks down your downloads by each episode over the selected time window.  It's similar to the "By Podcast" panel.  In order to view this data, you must first select a specific podcast using the data filters above the graph (see the data filters section below).

  • By Country: In this panel, you can view a list of downloads grouped by country over the selected time range.  This can be super useful if you want to understand where your audience is coming from.

  • By City: This panel is similar to the "By Country" panel, except that is breaks the data down to the city level.

  • Map: This panel provides a clustered interactive map to understand where your downloads are coming from.  You can zoom in / out and pan around the map to see from what regions of the world your show is most popular.


Data Filters

In addition to the different data panels discussed above, you can also filter the data by using the data filters above the graph.

You can use each of the filters to view a particular piece of the download data that you want investigate.

  • Time Window:  The first data filter is the "Time Window" filter.  Changing this filter allows you to view the data over different time ranges.  By default, you'll be viewing the data for all time.  However, you can choose to view your data over the last year, the last month, or the last day.

  • Device: The "Device" filter lets you view the number of downloads from a particular type of listening device (e.g. a computer, a mobile device, a smart speaker, etc).

  • App: The "App" filter will restrict the download data you are viewing to a particular to podcast player app.  For instance, you could view downloads exclusively on Apple Podcasts.

  • Country: Use the "Country" filter to see downloads from within a certain country.

  • OS: Use the "OS" filter to view your downloads on a particular operating system.  this is helpful if you want to view your audience on iOS vs. Android.

  • Podcast: The "Podcast" filter lets you view your downloads by a particular podcast.  If you have multiple podcasts on your RedCircle account, you can view your statistics for just one of those podcasts.

  • Episode: The "Episode" filter restricts the graph below to a particular episode.

  • Reset All: Press the "Reset All" button to return all of your filters to their default state.


I just released an episode this morning, and I'd like to see its downloads each hour
To view downloads over time, you'd select the 'Total Downloads' data panel.  To zoom in the graph to view hourly data for today, select '24 hours' for your time window.  To make sure you're looking at downloads for just today's episode, you'd select the relevant podcast in the 'Podcast' filter, and then select today's episode from the 'Episode' filter.

Which of my podcasts had the most downloads on Android this month?
To break down your downloads by podcast, you'd select the 'By Podcast'.  To view data over the last month, you'd select '30 days' from the 'Time Window' drop down.  Finally, you'd select 'Android' from the 'OS' data filter.

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