What is RedCircle?

RedCircle is a brand new podcast platform that helps creators take their work to the next level.  We provide everything you need to get your voice out there:

  • Free podcast hosting.

  • Free analytics.

  • Guidance and tools for migrating and distributing your show.

  • And many more features just around the corner!


Why should I migrate to RedCricle from my current host?

Most hosts charge you for podcast hosting and analytics, but RedCircle is completely free.  We want to help creators focus on producing amazing content, not on their monthly credit card bill.

If RedCircle is free, how do you make money?

Hosting podcasts doesn't cost very much money, so why would we charge you? We don’t want to make money from you; we want to make money with you.

As we build out our platform, we’ll help our successful creators to connect with brands, and we’ll share in the revenue when those connections are made and sustained.  Essentially, for shows that grow with us, we'll help find advertising for you, and we'll share the revenue from those ads.  You won't be forced to use our ads and you can definitely source ad revenue of your own.

We only do well as a company when our creators do well.  That’s how we believe business should work.

I have more questions. How can I get in touch?

Please let us know how we can be helpful.  You can chat with us via the button below, you can email us at support@getredcircle.com, or after signing up you can visit the support page.

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