Let's get your podcast registered with the biggest directory out there!  Before we begin, you need two things:

  1. An Apple ID.  If you're an existing Apple user you probably have one of these, but register one if you don't have one yet.

  2. A podcast with at least one existing episode.  Apple won't register a podcast until it has its first episode.

Distributing Your Podcast to Apple Podcasts

  1. Sign in to Apple Podcasts Connect

  2. If you haven’t set up your Apple Podcasts Connect account yet, you’ll be prompted to click ‘Get Started’ then create an Account Name (this can be anything you want), select your Account Type (Individual or Company), agree to their terms of service, and click ‘Save.’

  3. Once you’re in your Apple Podcasts Connect dashboard, click the plus button ‘+’ on the top left and select ‘New Show.’

  4. From the Add a Show modal, select ‘Add existing show (RSS feed).’

  5. Copy your RSS Feed URL and paste it in the RSS Feed URL text box in Apple Podcasts Connect.

  6. Important: Make sure you keep both the RSS Feed Access selected for ‘Make my feed publicly available’ and User Access selected for ‘Give everyone access.’

  7. Once all of that is filled out, click ‘Add.’ Your podcast will now be in Draft state on Apple Podcasts Connect (NOTE: your show is NOT submitted yet). Apple will process your show details which may take up to a few days.

  8. You’ll need to go back into your Apple Podcasts Connect account once your show details are processed and you’ll see a ‘Submit for Review’ button when you click into your show. Before submitting, fill out the remaining information:

    1. Show Information tab: In the Show Details section fill out Update Frequency and in the Show Contact section fill out Name, Phone Number, and Email

    2. Availability and Rights tab: Select your Content Rights (Does or does not have third-party content)

  9. Click ‘Save’ and then to finally submit your podcast to Apple, click ‘Submit for Review.’

    That's it! Apple usually takes a few days to review and list your podcast. Once your podcast is accepted, search for your show on the Apple Podcasts app, click the three dots ‘...’ click ‘Copy Link’ and then paste the link into the Apple Podcasts section on RedCircle's Distribution Form which you can get to from Podcasts homepage > click on your podcast > click the 'Distribution' grey box.

Common Errors

"Can't Read Your Feed"

This can appear in two scenarios:

  1. You haven't uploaded and published your first episode yet. Apple requires a first episode exists before a podcast can be registered.

  2. You pasted the incorrect URL for your RSS feed. Double-check you copied and pasted the full URL. It should look like https://feeds.redcircle.com/a-bunch-of-letters-and-numbers

"Error: Podcast artwork must be between 1400 x 1400 and 3000 x 3000 pixels, JPG or PNG, in RGB color space, and hosted on a server that allows HTTP head requests."

RedCircle requires that any artwork you upload conforms to these requirements. However, if you imported your podcast from another host, RedCircle will import images that don't meet these guidelines. You'll have to go back and edit the podcast thumbnail (and any episode-specific thumbnails if you've used them) to use images that are at least 1400x1400 and less than 3000 x 3000.

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