Did you transfer your podcast to RedCircle?  Did you already have it registered with Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc?  If this is the case, you don't want to re-register your podcast with these directories or you could have duplicates.

Instead, you just need to tell RedCircle about your existing podcasts on its distribution page.  See directions for each of the major directories below.

Apple Podcasts

If you already have your podcast distributed to Apple Podcasts and are now redirecting your feed to RedCircle, Apple will pick up the changes automatically.  Log into iTunes Connect and  go to the page for your podcast.  Copy the 'View in iTunes Store' link into RedCircle's distribution form and you're all set.


Spotify, too, will follow redirects automatically, so no changes are needed to make sure your new episodes show up on Spotify after a migration. 

Let's get your Spotify into into RedCircle's platform.

  1. Log into Spotify's podcaster tools and visit the catalog page
  2. Select your podcast and then click on the 'Share' tab.
  3. Copy the 'Podcast link'.
  4. Return to RedCircle's distribution form for the podcast.  Paste the Spotify link the in Spotify section and save.



Stitcher, unfortunately, may not follow podcast redirects automatically.  After migrating your podcast to RedCircle and redirecting your old feed, you'll want to login to Stitcher's tools and change your RSS feed to your new RedCircle Feed URL.

Let's make sure your existing show is known to RedCircle:

  1. Visit www.stitcher.com and click the search icon at the top of the page.  Search for the title of your podcast and select your show from the list.
  2. Once you land on your podcast's Stitcher page, copy the page's URL, paste it into RedCircle's distribution form, and hit save.


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