There are a ton of choices out there for podcasting microphones.  We'll explore a few options at different price points below.

Your Computer's/Phone's Microphone: Free

You can always choose to record a podcast using the built in microphone on your computer or your phone.  Since you probably already have this, there won't be any additional costs.  However, the quality of these microphones is usually pretty poor.  Listeners to your podcast are probably less likely to subscribe if the quality of your sound isn't great.

Using the built-in microphone should be a last resort.

Cheap Options: $10-$35

If you're on a tight budget, but you can afford to spend about a few bucks on your podcast's sound quality, here are a few suggestions for some solid microphones for the price.

Tonor USB Mic

Neewer NW-700

Semi Pro: $50-$70

For just a little bit more, there are several great options in the mid range.  This mics will produce higher quality sound, but won't break your bank.

Blue Snowball

Audio-Technica ATR2100

Pro: $100+

If you want your podcast to sound the best it can sound, and you have the budget, consider one of the follow spectacular mics.

Shure SM-58 (Make sure to get the USB version)

Rode Podcaster

Blue Yeti

There are a ton of great microphones out there at all price points.  These are some great suggestions, but you can do your own research.  We really encourage you to invest in a great microphone so that you can produce high quality audio that your listeners will love!


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