With RedCircle's upcoming advertising marketplace, it'll be easier than ever for brands to connect with you to buy advertising on your podcast, while giving you the control to set your rates, and accept or decline each offer. Let's get you set up so that advertisers will be able to find you!


First Things First

Make sure to set up your bank account, before you get started, so we know where to send the money when you get paid. You can do this in the “Money” section of your profile. Payments for the campaigns that you accept will occur on a weekly basis.


Getting Started

To help advertisers find your podcast, you need to set up some basic info with RedCircle about your show. Visit your show's page in the RedCircle web app, click 'Advertising,' and then click 'Get Started' to begin.



The first choice you have when setting up your podcast is selecting a CPM for different types of ad reads on your show. CPM means 'cost per thousand downloads.'

CPMs typically range from a few dollars, all the way up to $100, depending on your audience, the size of your show, and many other factors. You don't want to price your show too low, because then you won't make very much money. And you don't want to price your show too high, because then advertisers won't want to buy it.  

By default, RedCircle sets your CPMs to a reasonable rate for your podcast's size, but you can edit them if you choose. We suggest you stay within a few dollars of the default value, but you're allowed to set a CPM as low as $2 and as high as $100. If you don't have other advertisers on your show, we suggest lowering your CPM a bit. If you're already selling several ads, you should probably increase your CPM a bit.

There are several different prices that you can set on your podcast:

Host-Read: Host-read ads are ads that you read in your own voice. Since the ad feels like more of an endorsement; typically the CPMs are higher.

Brand-Read: In this ad format, the brand submits a complete advertisement audio file to be played on your show. These are usually priced lower.

Pre-Roll: This type of ad is played either before your content, or in its first few minutes. These are typically sold for a bit cheaper.

Mid-Roll: This type of ad is played in the middle of your content, and is typically priced the highest as listeners are less likely to skip the ad.

Post-Roll: This type of ad is played either after your content, or in its last few minutes, and is typically the cheapest.


Promo Code

In order to track how many new orders your ad generated, many advertisers will want you to incorporate a unique promo code into your ad read. Choose your show's standard promo code by completing the form.

The code must be alphanumeric, and it should be easy for your listeners to remember. For instance, if your podcast is called 'The Truck Talk Show,' you might choose TRUCKTALK as your code.



Tell advertisers the names of all of your podcast's hosts, so they can better understand your show and the people behind it.


Social Media

Include links to social media accounts. You can use your own accounts or accounts you've created for your podcast itself.

Providing this information helps advertisers understand your audience and influence, so probably best to choose the accounts that are most active / have the most engaged listeners.


Finalizing Your Settings

And that's it! Once you've filled out the forms above, you can save the details and agree to join RedCircle's advertising program. And don't worry, you can always return to the 'Advertising' section on your show’s page and click 'Edit Profile' to change these settings. By opting into our ads program, you agree to allow us to share your show's details with prospective advertisers. 

When you save these settings, we'll also automatically create a default audio block for ads, and assign it to pre-roll and post-roll insertion points in your back catalog.

For new episodes, we'll automatically ad the pre-roll and post-roll ad inventory; but you're free to change that as desired. We encourage you to add mid-roll insertion points to all future episodes, because you stand to make the most money on the more-pricey mid-roll ad spots. We will only run the ads that you’ve explicitly agreed to - we never put ads on your show without your consent. 

When you don't have any ads live, these insertion points will not disrupt your episode. If you're new to our dynamic insertion system, you can read a ton about it here.


What Happens Next?

Once you’ve set up your Advertising profile, brands can start inviting you to their campaigns. When you receive campaign offers, they will appear in the 'Advertising' section of your show’s page, and you will have 6 days to review, and accept or decline each offer.

The ‘Total Payment’ amount that you’ll see in each campaign offer is calculated based on a number of factors including the CPM rates that you set, your show’s size, estimated campaign timeline, and RedCircle’s commission (70/30 revenue sharing split - you keep 70% of the revenue, we keep 30%).

Payments for the campaigns that you accept will occur on a weekly basis and will be visible in your RedCircle account.

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