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How to Add a Third-Party Prefix to Your Podcast

You shared, we listened! Set up a third-party prefix URL to learn even more about your listeners.

We understand how important it is to get a more in-depth look at your audience and the performance of your show. Thanks to your feedback, we introduced the ability to add your Chartable, Podsights, and Podtrac prefixes to your show(s) on RedCircle.

This feature is currently available for members on the Pro Plan or higher.

Continue on to learn more about Prefixes and how to set yours up on RedCircle!

What is a Prefix URL?
How do I set it up on my RedCircle account?
Where can I find the Prefix URL?

What is a Prefix URL?

To put it simply, a Prefix URL is a trackable URL that's placed directly in the RSS Feed of a podcast. It allows third-party services, like Chartable, Podsights (Spotify Ad Analytics), Podtrac, and Podscribe to track all download requests that come through your show's RSS Feed.

Why is this important? For many podcasters, they can use the information pulled from the Prefix URL to share with their advertising partners. Read more about the value of Prefix URLs from Sounds Profitable here.

How do I set it up on my RedCircle account?

Easy! First, navigate to your Podcast Settings then click on Advanced Settings near the very bottom. From there, scroll down until you see the Third-Party prefixes section:

Mark one, or more, of the checkboxes:

You need to manually input the Chartable Prefix URL as each one is unique to the podcaster. 

Podsights (Spotify Ad Analytics), Podtrac, and Podscribe all use a fixed Prefix for all users, so checking the boxes for them automatically adds them to your RSS Feed.

Don’t forget to click the red Save button in the lower right corner to make sure your changes are saved!

Where can I find the Prefix URL?

Podsights (Spotify Ad Analytics), Podtrac, and Podscribe use a fixed Prefix URL for all users:

  • Podsights (Spotify Ad Analytics) uses pdst.fm/e/ or https://prfx.byspotify.com/e/
  • Podtrac uses dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/
  • Podscribe uses https://pscrb.fm/rss/p/

See these Help articles from Podsights (Spotify), Podtrac, and Podscribe for more information. 

Chartable, on the other hand, supplies a unique URL for each podcaster. See their Help article for more information on locating your Prefix URL.

Have questions concerning Prefix URLs? Feel free to reach out to our Support team for help!