How to Add, Edit, and Assign Scripts

Share Your Scripts With Podcasters!

Oftentimes, the most difficult part of a campaign is getting your scripts to the podcasters in the most efficient way. RedCircle’s multi-script feature makes this an easy feat!

There are two ways that scripts can be added: while the campaign is being created or after. If scripts are added while the campaign is being built, then the Add Scripts page automatically appears in the Schedule Podcasts window. If added later on, then navigate to the Scripts tab and select Add Scripts.

Be sure to add the following information when adding your script:

  • Script Name: For optimal results, it's recommended to title your script “Brand Name x Show Name Ad Copy | Week of Start Date”. For example, “HelloFresh x Already Friends Ad Copy | Week of 8.11.23”.
  • Talking Points or Script: This is the main content of the script. This can be added either as the text itself or as a link to the talking points. 
  • Additional Requirement (Optional): If there are extra informational materials or notes about the campaign, then those can be added here. For example, if the start date of the campaign differs from what is intended, then it also may be helpful to communicate that in this section. 
  • Promo Code or Vanity URL: Indicate if each podcaster should use their own code or vanity URL tag (reuse their code/URL from the previous campaign), the Promotion code or vanity URL tag is provided in the script (is somewhere in the copy). This option still provides a box where a promo code can be pasted. If you paste in a Promo Code, then RedCircle automatically adds the Promo Code in the podcast’s Show Notes during the campaign.

If multiple scripts need to be shared within the same campaign, then select New Script and repeat the process. Hit Save Scripts when finished. 

Even though these scripts have been added, they still need to be assigned to the podcasters. Selecting the Assign Scripts button brings up a list of all podcasts in the campaign and a blank drop-down menu where each show’s script can be assigned. You’re also given the opportunity to review or edit the Promo Code/Vanity URL before assigning the script to the show.

Once finished, select Assign Scripts. This informs the podcaster via email that a new script can be found in RAP. 

Scripts and their accompanying information can be edited at any time by navigating back to the Scripts tab, clicking the three dots (...) next to the script name, and choosing Edit Script or Duplicate Script

If you come across any issues, please reach out to our Ad Ops team at or through the form below: