How to Get Delivery Reporting

Track your campaign’s progress!

Delivery reporting is an efficient way to check how many downloads a podcaster’s ad read is getting in real-time as well as over the span of the campaign. Agencies needing reporting should first log in to the RedCircle Ad Platform (RAP). (See this Help article if you need help logging in.)

Next, find or search for the campaign you want to track and select its name. The campaigns on the platform are separated by the start date of each flight and labeled as “Brand Name | Week of Start Date (Show Abbreviation if necessary)”:

There should be a red download button right below the Dashboards tab and beside the Total Downloads figure. Clicking the red download button produces a report of ad insertions per show by week:

From here, the agency can review the number of weekly ad insertions each show is getting throughout the timeline of the flight. These also can be tallied up to determine how close each campaign is to reaching its goal. 

Repeat this process as necessary. If you come across any issues, please reach out to our Ad Ops team at or through our contact form

Please note that these reported impression numbers match very closely, but may not match exactly, to the impression numbers on your final billing for the campaign. This small difference is caused by the time zone in which you download your reporting. The impression numbers included on your billing should be considered the final definitive numbers.