How To Join an Existing RedCircle Organization

Is your team already using RedCircle? Learn how to gain access!

If your company is already using RedCircle, then you need to ask the Account Owner to add you as a “Team Seat” to the account.

If you’re the Account Owner, you can add any team members by navigating to the Account page and clicking on the Team Seats tab:

Simply click on the red Add Team Member button to add a new person to the account. Enter their name and email in to the appropriate fields:

If you already have an account on RedCircle, then you cannot be added as a Team Seat Member. Please reach out to our Ads Team at for assistance.

Click Next to save your entry. Then set their account permissions (see this blog post for more information on Team Seats):

The invitee should receive an email similar inviting them to join the account:

If you’ve been invited as a Team Member, then simply click Complete Sign Up to access RedCircle. Accept the invite and then fill out the required information:

And that’s it! You should be able to access your company’s campaigns and other important information.

Having any trouble? Our Ad Ops team would be happy to lend you a hand! You can email them or submit a request for help through our Contact Form below: