How To Request an Audio Swap

Need a change in the audio? Learn how to request a swap in this article!

Did you notice an issue with the audio in a host’s ad read? The RedCircle Ad Platform helps you avoid the hassle of makegoods by providing you with a way to report an issue with the audio in a currently running campaign. The system notifies the podcaster and gives them a chance to re-record and upload new audio. 

To request an audio swap, navigate to RAP > Campaigns > and then click on the campaign name in the list.

Click the three dots (...) next to the show, and select Report Audio Issue

If you do not see the three dots (...) next to the audio play button, that means your account permissions are set to “Viewer” rather than “Editor”. For questions about your account permissions, or to request an audio swap if you don’t see the three dots (...), then please reach out to our Account Coordination team by email or by filling out our contact form here.

This pauses the campaign (you should see the status update to “Paused”) and sends the podcaster a notice requesting that the audio be swapped out. 

Be sure to provide specific feedback when reporting the audio issue. For example, “The promo code read in this ad is incorrect, it should be SHOW123, not SHOWNAME123.”

The campaign resumes running as soon as the podcaster uploads the corrected audio.

Tips for Avoiding Audio Issues

Here are some tips to avoid the most common audio issues:

  • Make sure that the talking points or script that you provide to the podcaster is clear and includes any key terms they should either include or avoid.
  • See more tips here for educating podcasters about your brand and crafting effective ad copy in our blog!