The subtle art of picking out the perfect recording gear

Microphones, above all else, are the key to podcasting. Without them, there’s no podcast!

With so many options out there, we thought it best to create an article highlighting some great options for you. We also recommend a few accessories to help elevate your audio.

Feel free to search on your own if you're still unsure whether these mics are the perfect fit. We really encourage you to invest in a great microphone so that you can produce high-quality audio that your listeners will absolutely love!

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Free: The Mic on Your Computer/Phone

If you’re just starting out, then recording your podcast on the built-in microphone on your computer or phone is a good option. It’s free and there’s no setup needed! However, the quality of the audio is usually pretty poor as it can pick up the sounds around you.

If you like the idea of a free* microphone, then we suggest using headphones/earbuds with built-in mics. Those do a much better job of limiting outside noise!

*Free meaning you already own those items and don’t need to spend additional money

Budget-Friendly Options – Under $50 USD

If you’re able to spend a few bucks on your show, then we recommend checking out the following microphones. They’re solid options for those on a tighter budget!

Semi-Professional Options – $50 to $100 USD

For those who have a little extra money to spend on their podcast, these are some great options that bring your audio to new levels. They produce higher-quality audio without breaking the bank.

Professional Options – $100+ USD

If you want your podcast to sound the absolute best it can, and you have the budget for it, then consider one of these spectacular mics:

Microphone Accessories

Specific accessories help to further improve the sound of your audio and the general ease of recording.

Pop Filter

A pop filter is pretty much what it sounds like! It filters out the harsh pops of p’s, b’s, and other similar letters. Some microphones come with built-in pop filters, but most usually don’t. It’s a good idea to invest in a pop filter if you want to reduce the power of your plosives.

Microphone Stand

Some microphones have a stand built-in (like the Samson Meteor’s folding tripod feet) which allow for you to record hands-free. However, some are old-fashioned mics meant to be held in your hand, and others are meant to operate similarly to a boom mic in production. It’s always wise to pair your microphone with a stand of some sort to help the level of your voice stay consistent.


An often overlooked accessory in podcasting is the over-the-ear headphones. Having a pair of quality headphones allows you to produce much better audio. With headphones, you can hear what your podcast is going to sound like as you record it. You can pick up on odd noises, see if your voice levels are acceptable, and ensure your plosives aren’t too harsh in your listeners’ ears.

Have recommended microphones and/or accessories you think should be included in this article? Send us a quick note!