Redirecting from Feedburner

Everything you need to know to migrate from Feedburner to RedCircle!

Be sure to import your show before completing the redirect process.

We've taken the time to write out the steps needed to redirect your show to make this process as painless as possible! Of course, don't hesitate to reach out to our Support team should you have any questions or run into any issues. We'd be happy to further guide you!

  1. Sign in to Feedburner and locate your show
  2. Click on Edit Feed Details 
  3. Enter your new RedCircle RSS Feed URL in the Original Feed text field
  4. Click on Save Feed Details to save the changes
    1. A banner should pop up on the page confirming the update

It's also recommended to delete the feed 30 days after redirecting your podcast. Here are the steps to delete it:

  1. Click on Delete Feed
  2. Check the box for "With permanent redirection"
  3. Click the Delete Feed button
    1. A banner should appear up top that reads "The feed has been deleted"
  4. Under the show title, you should see the message "the feed is permanent redirecting to the source feed"
  5. Test the 301 redirect by entering your old FeedBurner feed in a web browser address bar and it should open your RedCircle RSS Feed