Responding to Brand Inquiries

How to respond to inquiries from brands

Brands interested in working with you can send a quick survey to gauge your interest and comfortability before you both fully commit to a campaign. The survey gives our podcasters the opportunity to learn more about the brand before deciding to say “yes”.

Brand inquiries show up in the same place as campaigns – on the Campaign Dashboard. Brand inquiries are noted as “Brand Inquiry: Brand Name


Click on the red Respond button to begin the inquiry process.

The brand inquiry may include campaign information, potential budget, and potential timeline. Brands can decide how much information concerning the campaign they wish to share. You may be asked a series of questions or simply just one. Here’s an example of a brand inquiry you might receive:


You’re given a response due date, so be sure to respond by that date or you may lose out on this Host-Read Ad opportunity.

And that’s it! Once you complete the response, the brand should then follow up with an invite depending on your answers.