Sharing Product Samples with Podcasters

How to share product with podcast hosts who accept your campaign

When creating a new campaign, you need to select whether or not you plan on providing free product samples to the podcasters who accept your campaign.

If you are planning on providing free product samples for your campaign, then you have the option of either shipping the product to the podcasters directly or providing instructions for how the podcasters can redeem your product or service online (this can be done through unique redemption codes - more on this below).

If your campaign includes free product samples and the advertisement is host-read, the earliest date your campaign can start is 21 days out. This is to ensure sufficient time for the invited podcasters to review and accept your campaign offer, and to receive the product sample before recording their host-read endorsement.

Shipping Product to the Podcaster

If you’d like to mail the product sample to the podcasters directly, select “Yes, brand will ship the product to the podcaster.”

When a podcast accepts your campaign, important show information like the host names and their mailing addresses is added to a CSV file that you can download by going to your Campaign Dashboard and clicking “Download Podcast Info.”

This list continues to update as new podcasts accept your campaign. You're notified with a banner at the top of your Campaign Dashboard about any updates. Podcasters have 5 days to accept or decline your campaign invite, so you can either wait to download this CSV until all shows have responded, or you can continue to check back and re-export the CSV for the updated list of accepted shows.

Providing Instructions for Podcasters to Redeem Product

If you’d like the podcasters to redeem the product or service themselves, then select “Yes, brand will provide instructions for podcaster to redeem online.” This option is useful in a few different ways. For example, if you prefer that the podcaster orders the product from your website and ships it to themselves. Or, if your product is a paid or free online service or app.

After selecting this option, you can then provide instructions in the “Instructions for Podcasters to Redeem Product Online” field. All podcasts that accept your campaign see this field, so instructions here should be universal:

Instructions can vary widely depending on your product and wants for this campaign. Here are a few examples:

  • You have a free online service or app: Download our app “TikTok” from Google Play or App Store and make an account. Please create a few videos to check out all our features, and use the app for at least a few days before recording your endorsement.
  • You have a standard redemption code: Go to our website and add the Wave Hybrid Mattress to your cart. Use redemption code ‘CASPERRED’ at checkout to receive this item for free.
  • You have a unique redemption code for each podcaster: Go to our website and add the Wave Hybrid Mattress to your cart. Use your unique redemption code at checkout to receive this item for free.

If your product or service requires a purchase, then you have two options for providing redemption codes. First, if you’d like all podcast hosts to use the same, standard redemption code at checkout, then provide that one code in the instructions field above (remember: all podcasts see exactly what’s in this instructions text box).

Alternatively, if you’d like each podcast host to use a unique redemption code at checkout (one code per podcast host), then you can do that instead. We know that providing unique redemption codes for each show can be very tedious, so we’ve built a solution using our technology that makes this easy for you.

To do this, check “Brand will provide multiple redemption codes” and a new text box appears where you can paste a list of unique codes in bulk. Then, when podcasts accept your campaign, we provide each host with a unique code from this list. Redemption codes are only given to shows that accept your campaign. 

You cannot add additional codes later, so as a best practice we highly recommend pasting more codes than you think you need. That way, if some shows have more than one host, or if you invite additional shows to your campaign later on, you will still have enough codes that we can match to hosts. 

As a brand safety measurement, we also provide you with a CSV file of information about the accepted podcasts, including which redemption promo codes were matched to which hosts. To download this CSV for your records, go to your Campaign Dashboard and click “Download Podcast Info.”

Having any trouble? Our Ad Ops team would be happy to lend you a hand! You can email them or submit a request for help through our Contact Form below: