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Subscribing to a Podcast's Exclusive Content

Step-by-Step Instructions for Subscribing to Exclusive Content

You recently signed up for your favorite creator's Exclusive Content and now you want to know how to listen to it on your favorite listening app? Check out the steps below!

Subscribing Through RedCircle

1) Log in to your account on redcircle.com and click on the show you're sponsoring
2) Click on the red Listen in App button:

3) Select your favorite listening app from the pop-up screen:

You might see different buttons on this pop-up screen depending on your device and what apps are currently installed. You may also see Choose Player which brings up a menu on your device to select the right app.

If your preferred podcast app isn't listed, or you're having other issues, you can always subscribe to the RSS feed for your exclusive content feed manually.

Subscribing Manually

To subscribe manually, click the red Copy RSS Feed to Clipboard button, or highlight and copy the URL shown near the bottom:

Follow the instructions for your podcast app of choice below:

iTunes / Apple Podcasts (Desktop)

  • Click on File in the top left menu
  • Select Add a Show by URL... from the dropdown
  • Paste the RSS Feed URL
  • Click Subscribe

Apple Podcasts (iOS)

  • Tap Library on the bottom row of icons
  • Tap Edit near the top right
  • Select Add a Show by URL…
  • Paste the RSS Feed URL
  • Tap Subscribe

Podcast Addict

  • Press the plus (+) button near the top right
  • Select the RSS button
  • The RSS Feed URL should already be pasted in, just click Add

Player FM

  • Select 'Settings' from the bottom right
  • Click Import OPML/RSS 
  • Tap the lock icon labeled Add private RSS feed (Player FM may require you to login or sign up at this step if you haven't already
  • Paste in your RSS feed and continue
  • Tap the + Subscribe button near the top right


  • Paste the RSS Feed into the search bar on the Discover tab
  • Tap the orange Subscribe button near the top right.

Pocket Casts

  • Paste the RSS Feed into the search bar on the Discover tab
  • Tap on the podcast that appears in the search results
  • Tap the Subscribe button


  • Tap Library
  • Select Subscriptions
  • Tap the plus (+) button in the upper right
  • Select Add from link
  • Paste the feed URL and tap done!


  • Tap the plus (+) button near the top right
  • Select Add URL near the top right
  • Paste the RSS Feed URL and hit done!


  • Tap Add on the bottom bar
  • Press Add Podcast Manually
  • In the “Feed” field, paste the RSS Feed URL
  • Hit Subscribe near the top right

What about Spotify & iHeart?

Not all apps support custom RSS feeds. So sadly, you'll have to listen using one of the apps above (or another app that supports custom RSS feeds). Our top picks on Android are Podcast Addict and Pocket Casts. Give them a whirl!