The Description Isn’t Updating, Or Showing Up Properly, on Apple Podcasts

Having some trouble with your podcast description on Apple? Read this article to resolve it!

Apple Podcasts can be a bit finicky when it comes to descriptions. That’s why we created the Apple: Summary text field, which can be found under Advanced Settings on the Podcast Settings page:

The Apple: Summary text field allows you to add a plain-text version of your podcast’s description. This comes in handy since Apple is unable to display HTML and Markup found in the description.

There’s also an Apple: Summary text field when creating and/or editing an episode:

Be sure to use these fields to prevent any issues with Apple!

If you notice that your podcast description is not populating on Apple, then the first step would be to check the Apple: Summary text field to ensure the most recent copy is pasted in there.

It can sometimes take Apple up to 24 hours to display any changes found in your podcast’s RSS Feed.