Why do my episode notes show up twice?

What to do when your episode notes appear to be duplicated on Apple Podcasts

To make sure your episode notes look good everywhere listeners can find your content, we suggest first filling in a longer, rich text version of your description in the Description field. Then add a shorter, 1-3 sentence description in the Apple: Summary field. This field can be found under the More Options section when you edit your episode. Doing so should resolve the issue!

Each app and directory has a different way of managing and displaying episode notes. Our platform does its best to thread the needle and make it look good everywhere. There are two fields to consider when editing an episode – the Description field and the Apple: Summary field.

The Description field is called "episode notes" in the Apple Podcasts app. It appears on the episode's page in the "library" section of the app. The description field supports the rich text format (bold, links, etc). Most other apps that support rich text also use this field. However, some other apps display the content found there but remove all the formatting.

The Apple: Summary field appears on your episode web pages on Apple Podcasts in the browser. It also appears in the "Discover" section of the Apple Podcasts app. Unlike the Description field, it doesn't support rich text. It can also sometimes appear above the "Episode Notes" section in the "Library" section of the app.

We recommend putting a short, 1-3 sentence description of each episode in the Apple: Summary field to avoid possible issues.