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Creating a Great Promotional Ad

Tips for recording an ad that will drive new subscribers to your show!

RedCircle’s Cross-Promotions feature allows for two podcasters to exchange short promo ads to be run on each other’s shows. This article provides some helpful tips for creating a stellar ad to promote your podcast!

Keep it Short

The fastest way to cause listeners to tune out is to ramble on and on about your podcast. Try to keep your ad quick and to the point. It’s hard to convince someone to listen to a 3 minute ad in the middle of a program! Aim to keep your ad within 30-45 seconds at most.

Add Some Music

Spark the interest of listeners with some ear-catching music. (But make sure it’s not so loud and powerful that it drowns out your voice!) You want listeners to be drawn in by the content, and music only helps to further that siren call.

Use High-Quality Audio

Remember that your ads need to first be approved by your Cross-Promotional partner. To maximize the chance of them loving your ad, make sure you create a high-quality recording. Meaning no background noise, use a good microphone to capture that lovely voice, and speak clearly and with intention.

You can find more information about equipment and editing software in the Recommended Tech section of our Help Center.

Give Listeners a Call to Action

The main goal of your Cross-Promotional ad is to draw new listeners to your show. Make sure you’re super clear for the audience; tell them the name of your podcast and exactly where to find it. “Listen to ‘In the Eye of Galaxy’ on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.”

Now get out there and help each other grow!