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Creating a Great Promotional Ad

Creating a Great Promotional Ad Tips For Recording an Ad That Will Drive New Subscribers

With RedCircle's cross-promotions product, two podcasters can exchange short cross-promotional ads to be run on each others' shows. This article provides some helpful tips for creating an ad to promote your podcast.

Keep it Short

You don't want to ramble on about your podcast for 3 minutes; listeners may end up fast-forwarding through the ad instead! You should try to keep your ad quick and to the point. 30-45 seconds is best.

Add Music

Engage your listeners with some interesting music in the background of the ad. But make sure not to have the music be loud and overpowering! You want listeners to be drawn in by the content, and music can help!

Use High-Quality Audio

Remember that when using RedCircle's cross-promotion product, your ad needs to be approved by your cross-promotion partner. To maximize the chance that the other podcaster likes the ad, make sure you create a high-quality recording (no background noise, use a good microphone, etc.)  You can find more info about equipment and editing software in this section of our help articles.

Give Listeners a Call To Action

The main objective of your cross-promotional ad is to draw new listeners to your show.  Make sure you're super clear for the audience; tell them the name of your show and how to subscribe.