It's super easy to embed your podcast onto another website with RedCircle. In just a few clicks, you can copy and paste a code snippet that will add a RedCircle embedded player onto your site.

Depending on your Account Plan, you’ll have the option of embedding a show-level player or an episode-level player—more on how to embed each below!

Show-Level Web Player

Show-level web players are a great option when you want all your episodes in one place. This player is easy to use as you’ll only have to embed this player once, and all your new episodes will automatically populate.

To embed a show-level web player, please follow these steps:

From your podcast’s page, scroll down and select the grey box that says “Embed Podcast Player.”

Depending on your Account Plan, you may be able to customize your show-level player’s theme (eg light mode, dark mode, blurred background, or pick a fully customizable color that works for you!). Once you’ve selected your preferred theme, you can click “Copy HTML to Clipboard.”

You can then paste that HTML onto your website. The final result will look something like this:

Episode-Level Web Player

If instead you’d prefer to use an episode-level web player (eg this is a good option if you have individual episode-specific pages on your website), please follow these steps:

Go to one of your episode’s pages, and from there select the gray box that says "Embed This Episode."

That should take you to the following page where you can click "Copy HTML to Clipboard."

You can then paste that HTML onto your website. The final result will look something like this:

Things to Keep in Mind

RedCircle's Players Require Javascript

RedCircle's embedded players rely on JavaScript to render. In order to embed our players, you need to paste our embed code in an input to your website that supports CSS and JavaScript embedding. In Squarespace, you can follow this guide and make sure to paste the code into the "manual" input by clicking the </> symbol. In WordPress, you may need to install a plugin to support adding JavaScript to your page. "Method 3" from this article is our recommended solution.


The RedCircle embedded players may collect data (e.g. download progress, your country of origin, etc) about your listeners for analytics purposes. If you're using a RedCircle embedded player on your own website, you may be required to let users know that you are doing so based on the local privacy laws in your country. You may want to link to our Privacy Policy so that your listeners can understand more. We suggest adding this in your legal pages such as the Privacy Policy or Terms of Service before embedding our player.

I Want a Different Player

No problem! If RedCircle's embedded players don't work for you for whatever reason, there are tons of free options out there to check out. Here's an article you can check out for suggestions.

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