YouTube's audience is huge, and RedCircle makes it possible for you to distribute your content directly to your YouTube account.  No uploading, no transcoding, no nonsense!

Before We Begin

Two things to check in with:

  1. Have you created a YouTube channel?  - If you don't have a YouTube channel yet, you can create one here.  Make sure you're logged into the correct Google account when you create it!
  2. Have you verified your YouTube account? - Before YouTube will let you upload more than 15 minutes of video, you need to verify your account first.  You can do this here.  Make sure you're verifying the correct Google account!


Connecting Your YouTube Account to RedCircle

You can connect your YouTube account to your podcast from RedCircle's distribution page.  To get there, log in to RedCircle and visit the 'Podcasts' tab.  Click on the show you want to publish YouTube videos for.  Then, click on the 'Distributions' box.

From the distributions page, select 'YouTube' and then 'Sign In'.  You'll run through Google's authorization flow, which will connect your account to RedCircle.  Once that's done, you're all connected.


Publishing to YouTube

Once you've connected your account, you can begin publishing new episodes to YouTube.  When uploading your next episode, make sure to check the YouTube box!


My episode is published but I don't see my video yet.  What's up?
Depending on the length of your episode, it can take RedCircle several minutes to generate the video version of your podcast.  If you're still waiting after a few hours, check in with RedCircle support.  The most common reason that a video doesn't post is that you haven't yet verified your YouTube account.

Can I upload my past episodes?
Unfortunately, no.  Google places a limit on the number of videos we can upload each day, so we can't create videos for your back catalog of episodes.  We're thinking about solutions to allow you to put up one episode from time to time.  Stay tuned!

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