Having some trouble with Dynamic Insertion?  Here's the most common questions we get about the product.  If you don't find an answer below, please reach out to support so we can assist you further.

I made updates to my Insertion Points and/or Audio Blocks, but I hear the old version when I listen to the episode.

There's two main reasons this could happen.  The first is that many podcast apps download audio files onto your device in advance, so you may be listening to a downloaded copy instead of downloading a newly updated version.  How to resolve this depends on what app you're using, but make sure to delete the cached copy and stream down a new one to test.

In addition, RedCircle won't update the audio for a listener that is listening from the same app and the same internet connection for 24 hours.  This makes sure that if you download half of an episode in the morning, and half in the evening, we won't splice in different ads for the same person.  You can try listening to your episode using another app (or with Firefox instead of Chrome, for example) to get a fresh copy. Otherwise, if you visit your episode's page within the RedCircle web app, there's a button to refresh the audio -- you can listen to the updated content within the RedCircle UI.

Dynamic Insertion isn't working with Spotify.

By default Spotify doesn't work with Dynamic Insertion, but you can ask them to turn it on.  Check out this article with next steps to make sure your Spotify setup is correct.

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