Audio Blocks

Control what audio plays within your content.

The first step in getting going with Dynamic Insertion is creating/configuring Audio Blocks. You can think of Audio Blocks as a collection of audio clips and rules for how they should be played.

To take a look at your Audio Blocks, select Dynamic Insertion from the main sidebar, and then click on the grey box for Audio Blocks.

On the Audio Blocks page, you'll find a list of your existing blocks. Note: When you opt-in to certain products that utilize Dynamic Insertion, RedCircle automatically creates the following default Audio Blocks on your account:

  • Default Cross Promotion Block – when you opt-in to the Cross Promotions Marketplace. This audio block has placeholders for up to two Cross Promotions that may play back-to-back.

  • Default Ad Block – when you opt-in to the RedCircle Ad Platform (RAP). This audio block has placeholders for up to two RAP Ads that may play back-to-back, which you can learn about in more detail here.

Creating a New Audio Block

You can create new audio blocks by clicking on New Audio Block in the top right corner. Be sure to give your new audio block a name.

After that, you can add clips to your Audio Block. Currently, there are two types of clips you can add:

  • Cross Promotion - The Cross Promotion clip fills the spot with a cross-promotional ad if you're participating in any cross-promotional deals. However, if you're not participating in a cross-promotion, then this clip is skipped during playback.

  • Audio File - An audio file is an mp3 file that you upload.

For instance, suppose you create the following Audio Block:

When the block is played, first a cross-promotional ad plays followed by the audio file you uploaded called 'clip.mp3'. If you're not participating in a cross-promotion, only 'clip.mp3' plays.

Note, only those that have an Account Plan, or those assigned to a Team Seat role, have the ability to create new audio blocks.

Setting the 'Play Style' and 'Play Up To' Options

You have a number of options you can change to control the playback of the audio when creating or editing an Audio Block.

The Play Up To option controls how many total clips play during the ad break. With this setting, you can make sure that you never play more clips than you want in a single ad break. If an audio clip has no content (e.g. you include a 'Cross Promotion' item but there's no active cross-promotion), then that item doesn't count against your 'Play Up To' total.

The Play Style controls the order in which the clips are played. There are currently 2 options:

  • In Order - In this playstyle, the clips are played sequentially until the 'Play Up To' limit is reached.

  • Random - In this style, the audio block items play in random order until the total number of items hits the number in 'Play Up To.'


Let's say you configure the Audio Block below:

  • If you're participating in no cross-promotions, then the first two items are skipped and only the clip.mp3 file plays.

  • If you're participating in only one cross-promotion, then the first cross-promotional ad plays, the second cross-promotion item is skipped, and the 'clip.mp3' file plays last.

  • If you're participating in two or more cross-promotions, then both cross-promotion audio files play. The 'clip.mp3' audio file does not play since the 'Play Up To' limit was reached.

Here's another example using the 'Random' playstyle:

Only one clip is inserted into each episode using this audio block since it's configured for 'Random' style with a 'Play Up To' limit of one. Either the cross-promotion, clip.mp3, or clip2.mp3 fills the single slot at random.

Now What?

Now that you've built an Audio Block, you need to have some 'Insertion Points' to assign to the block. Insertion Points control the exact point within your content where the audio is to be inserted. Read more here!