For those of you who are making money from your podcasts on RedCircle, Instant Payouts expedites the time between cashing out and having that cash in-hand within 1 business day.

If you’re the Org Owner and you’re in one of our Account Plans that has Instant Payouts, see below on how to use it.

Before you can transfer funds using the Instant Payout option, make sure:

  • You’ve connected your RedCircle account to Stripe

  • You will also need to set your payout details in Stripe to a debit card, not bank account. If you currently have a bank account connected, go to your Money page > click the 3 dots ‘...’ next to Money > click Log In to Stripe > then switch your Stripe payout details to a debit card.

Once the above is complete, follow these steps to transfer funds using Instant Payouts:

  1. Log into your RedCircle account and click Money > Transfer to Bank

  2. Select Instant Payout and click Transfer to Bank to confirm. Please note: Stripe takes a 1% service fee from your balance when you select this option.

Stripe will now expedite your payout and funds should become available to you within 1 business day.

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