How Audio Blocks and Insertion Points Work Together

Learn how these two components work together to create the magic of Dynamic Insertion

Audio Blocks and Insertion Points are intimately tied. They can’t really work without the other. The most typical use of Audio Blocks and Insertion Points are for ads procured through RAP (the RedCircle Ad Platform).

For example, let’s say you opted in to RAP and are ready to start monetizing. You would first place Insertion Points at specific spots within your episode:

Next, you would assign either (or both!) the Default Pre & Post Roll Ad Block and the Default Mid Roll Ad Block to one or more of those recently-placed Insertion Points:

Every time someone tunes in to your show, our system checks whether or not there’s an Insertion Point and adds in the audio for that listener. If you placed a Pre-Roll Insertion Point at the 00:01:00 (one minute) timestamp and assigned the Default Pre & Post Roll Ad Block, then the listener should hear either a Programmatic (pre-recorded) or a Host-Read Ad at that exact timestamp.

We dynamically insert ad audio based on your active campaigns and available inventory. (See our Insertion Points Help article for a more detailed look at how this works.)

Whatever Audio Block you assign to an Insertion Point plays at the exact moment the Insertion Point is placed in your episode.