Insertion Points

Set the specific places within your episode where you want Audio Blocks to play

With Insertion Points, you can specify the exact point within your episode where you want Audio Blocks inserted. You can select a timestamp for the inserted audio and select a specific Audio Block to insert at that exact point.

Getting Started

To create your first Insertion Points, go to the Dynamic Insertion page via the main sidebar. Then click the gray Insertion Points box.

This page displays your recently changed Insertion Points, which can be edited as needed. Click New Insertion Point to create a brand new one. Select the podcast and episode you want to add in Insertion Points.

In the Insertion Points editor, you can click on the waveform to move the play 'head' to any spot within your audio. Either scroll through or use the magnifying glass icons to zoom in and out of the waveform. You can also click and drag to pan through the audio. Use the play/pause button near the bottom left to start and stop playback.

Once you have the play 'head' on the exact point where you want the audio inserted, pause the audio and click Add Insertion Point:

This adds a new Insertion Point into the audio. Edit the timestamp by hand, or drag and drop the red block at the top of the Insertion Point to adjust its timing. You can also assign an Audio Block to the Insertion Point now or come back and do that later. If you want to get rid of the Insertion Point then simply click the Delete option.

You can add several Insertion Points in your audio and configure each with different (or the same) Audio Blocks.

Once you're all set, click Save to save your changes.

Pre-roll / Mid-roll / Post-roll

At the bottom of the audio waveform, there are sections labeled with Pre-roll, Mid-roll, and Post-roll. RedCircle categorizes your Insertion Points based on the following rules:

If your episode is 20 minutes or longer:

  • Pre-roll is the first 5 minutes

  • Post-roll is the last 5 minutes

  • Mid-roll is everything else

If your episode is less than 20 minutes:

  • Pre-roll is the first 10%

  • Post-roll is the last 10%

  • Mid-roll is everything else

Currently, these sections just help you to organize your Insertion Points. Later on, if you're selling ads through RedCircle, we may price the ads differently depending on ad placement. Generally speaking, advertisers are willing to pay more for mid-roll advertisements.

Assigning Audio Blocks to Insertion Points

In addition to setting an Audio Block on an Insertion Point when you create it, there are several other ways that you can assign Audio Blocks more quickly.

  • Recently created Insertion Points are found either on the Dynamic Insertion page or on the Insertion Points main page. These appear as a row of dots to represent each individual Insertion Point. You can click on the dots and assign Audio Blocks to each Insertions Point in just one click:

  • Alternatively, you can assign the Audio Block to several markers at once after creating or editing an Audio Block.