Insertion Points Overview

Take full control of your audio with Insertion Points

Insertion Points allow you to select the exact timestamp within your episode where you can add in dynamic audio such as ads, intros and/or outros, timely news, and really anything else. The sky’s the limit!

This article shows you where to find Insertion Points, when’s the best time to use them, and how to use them to your advantage.

What even is an Insertion Point?

Great question! An Insertion Point is a marked time in your podcast episode(s) where you want a dynamic piece of audio to play. 

For example, say you play the same intro for every single episode. Instead of “baking it in” to each episode, you can mark the timestamp 00:00:00 as your first Pre-Roll Insertion Point and assign an Audio Block with custom audio to that spot in your episode. Every time someone tunes in to your show, our system checks whether or not there’s an Insertion Point and adds in the audio for that listener. If you placed a Pre-Roll Insertion Point at the 00:00:00 timestamp and assigned your Audio Block with Custom Audio, then the listener should hear your intro audio clip as soon as they start the episode.

Insertion Points are categorized between pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll. The definitions of these Insertion Points depend on the length of your episode.

For episodes 20 minutes or longer:

  • Pre-roll is the first 5 minutes of your episode
  • Mid-roll is any point after the first 5 minutes and before the last 5 minutes
  • Post-roll is the last 5 minutes of your episode

For episodes less than 20 minutes:

  • Pre-roll is the first 10% of your episode
  • Mid-roll is after the first 10% and before the last 10%
  • Post-roll is the last 10% of your episode

What’s great about Dynamic Insertion is that you only need to go to one place when you want to change the audio that spans your entire catalog. So, you only need to update So, you only need to update the Custom Audio clip you created when you want to change the intro to your show.

How Insertion Points Work with Audio Blocks

As you may know from above, Insertion Points need an Audio Block assigned to them in order to play. The Audio Block is the dynamic piece of content that plays when our system checks the Insertion Points in your show. You can assign an Audio Block, such as the Default Ad Block, to multiple Insertion Points across one or more episodes.

We recommend reading through our Audio Block Help article for a deeper understanding of this component of Dynamic Insertion.

How do you add Insertion Points after uploading an episode?

Insertion Points can be added in a few different ways to your episodes depending on whether or not you’re opted-in to RAP.

See this Help article for a more in-depth exploration on adding Insertion Points to your show!

How do you edit Insertion Points?

If you need to make some changes to your Insertion Points, then you can easily do so with our Insertion Points editor

See this Help article for more information on how to use this feature.

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