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How to Update Your Payment Method for Sponsorships

Step-by-step instructions for updating your payment method to maintain your sponsorship

Need to change the payment method for a podcast you’re sponsoring? No problem! This article provides steps to accomplish this easy task.

Note: If you’re looking to cancel the sponsorship, then please see this Help article

To change the payment method, you first need to log in to your RedCircle account. Click on the podcast you’re sponsoring from the Podcasts you’re sponsoring section:

Podcasts you're sponsoring on RedCircle

You’re then taken to that podcast’s Exclusive Content page. Click on the red Update Payment link underneath the artwork for the podcast:Update the payment method for the podcast you're sponsoring on RedCircle

A pop-up window then appears where you can add a new card:

Note: We can only accept payments by credit card

Enter in the new credit card information and click the continue button to review and confirm. And that’s it!