Instant Payouts

Get paid faster with Stripe’s Instant Payout feature

Earning revenue with RedCircle? Instant Payouts expedite the time between cashing out and having that cash in-hand. Instead of waiting the typical 7-10 days, you can have that cash deposited into your bank account within one (1) business day!

Instant Payouts are available to everyone on the Growth Plan or higher. See below for more information on this great feature.

Podcasters outside of the United States are not able to use this feature.

Before you can transfer funds using the Instant Payout option, make sure:

  • You connected your RedCircle account to Stripe
  • Your payout details in Stripe are set to a debit card rather than a bank account.
    • If you currently have a bank account connected, then you’ll need to change that before you can use Instant Payouts. To change this, log in to your Stripe account through the Money page. Then, edit your Stripe payout details to a debit card.

Follow the steps below to transfer funds using Instant Payouts:

  1. Navigate to the Money page on RedCircle and click the red Transfer to Bank button
  2. Select Instant Payout and click Transfer to Bank to confirm.

Stripe takes a 1% service fee from your balance when you select this option.

Stripe expedites your payout and funds are made available to you within one (1) business day!