Deleting Your Podcast

How to permanently delete a podcast on RedCircle

We understand that one day you may want to remove your podcast from our platform. While we can't say we're happy about that, we are happy to provide as much support as possible!

Need to redirect your podcast to another hosting platform instead? See this Help article for step-by-step instructions.

We made removing a podcast from our platform as easy as possible. Simply follow the steps below to permanently remove your show from RedCircle:

  1. Log in to your account and click on the show you wish to delete
  2. Click the 3 dots (...) next to the show’s title and select Remove Podcast

  3. Select the Delete Podcast option

  4. Mark the checkbox next to “I understand and agree” and click the Permanently Delete button

Deleting a podcast is irreversible. Your RSS Feed will be permanently deleted. Please be sure you’re okay with this before moving forward.

Your show should also be removed from the various listening platforms. However, platforms like Spotify may still show your podcast as “available” on their platform (the content is visible, but cannot be played.) 

If you notice your show is still on a platform after deletion and want to remove it, then please see below for step-by-step instructions:

  • Spotify: Contact their Support team to remove your show.
  • Apple Podcasts: Log in to your Apple Podcasts Connect account. Select your show and click Delete Podcast. You can contact their Support team for assistance.
  • Amazon Music: Sign in to your Amazon Music account. Access the “Overview” for your show and select “Hide”. See their Help Center for more information.
  • RadioPublic: See their Help article for step-by-step instructions.
  • Google Podcasts: Log in to your Google Podcasts Manager account, click on the gear icon next to your podcast’s name, and select Remove Show. (See this Help article for more details.)

Looking to delete your RedCircle account, too? Write to our Support team for assistance.