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Redirecting Your Podcast Away From RedCircle

We’ll do our best to ensure a smooth transition to your new host

We won’t lie and say we’re happy to hear that you wish to move your podcast over to a new platform. But we are happy to make the move less frustrating for you. Before that, though, we’d love to hear why you decided to move on. Any and all feedback is appreciated as it helps us to create the best possible hosting platform! 

And if you do ever decide to give us another try, then be sure to follow the steps in our Moving Back to RedCircle Help article to safely return.

Be sure to opt-out of RAP and remove any Audio Blocks before migrating to your new host. You don’t want to ‘bake-in’ any ads! See this Help article for information on removing Audio Blocks in bulk.

Follow the steps below to set up a 301 redirect to your new podcasting host:

  1. Log in to your RedCircle account and click on the podcast you want to move
  2. Click the three dots (...) next to the title of your podcast and select Remove Podcast:

  3. From there, choose the Redirect Podcast option and fill in the required text fields:

    Double-check that the RSS Feed of your new host does not redirect to RedCircle. To do so, simply paste your new host’s RSS Feed URL into your browser and hit the ‘enter’ key.
  4. Check the agreement box (after reading the note) and click the red Redirect button to finish

You should now be good to verify the redirect with your new hosting platform. The redirect should remain indefinitely on RedCircle as long as you don’t permanently delete your show from our platform.

However, if you are looking to permanently delete your show, then see this Help article for instructions. We recommend waiting at least 4 weeks (~30 days) after redirecting before you delete your show from our platform.

If you purchased a Growth or Pro Plan, then be sure to cancel it before it renews! See this Help article for instructions.