Distributing Your Podcast to Spotify

Share your podcast on one of the biggest players in audio!

RedCircle makes it easy for you to take advantage of Spotify’s large audience by making the process a breeze.

Before we begin, be sure that your podcast is fully migrated to RedCircle if you’re moving over from a different host.

If this podcast is brand new, then be sure to have at least one (1) podcast episode published. Spotify requires published and findable episodes in order to be present on its platform.

First time distributing to Spotify
Already distributing to Spotify

First time distributing to Spotify

RedCircle automatically publishes your podcast to Spotify with just a click of a button! Navigate to your Distribution page and click on the Spotify drop-down. From there, select the Distribute to Spotify tab. Click on the red Confirm button when you’re ready to post your show!

Distribute your RedCircle podcast to Spotify

And that’s all there is to it! 

You may also wish to claim your podcast on the “Spotify for Podcasters” dashboard.

Already distributing to Spotify

If you moved your podcast over from another hosting platform to RedCircle, then you may have already set up distribution to Spotify. If that’s the case, then there are a few extra steps that need to be taken to ensure the distribution of your show is updated properly!

These steps are also outlined on the Distribution page underneath the I’m already on Spotify tab.

1. Claim your podcast on Spotify for Podcasters

The first step in this process is to claim your show on Spotify for Podcasters. Scroll until you find the ‘Already have a show?’ prompt. Click the Grow my podcast button:

From there, select Somewhere else as your hosting platform:

Sign in to your Spotify account, if prompted, and then click on the Get Started button:

Enter your RedCircle RSS Feed URL into the provided text field:

Your show should populate after entering in your RSS Feed. Click the next button in the bottom right corner of the page to move on.

Spotify then asks you to verify ownership of the podcast by sending a code to the email address found in your RSS Feed. (Note: You can set the email address for your podcast’s RSS Feed by visiting your Podcast Settings.)

The next step is to add any relevant information pertaining to your podcast. 

Be sure to select “RedCircle” as your hosting provider if prompted.

And finally, review and submit your show to their platform.

2. Updating Your Podcast Host on Spotify

The next step after successfully claiming your show on Spotify is to update the hosting provider on Spotify’s dashboard.

  1. Go to your podcast’s page
  2. Select the Details tab
  3. Check to see if the “hosting provider” value says either RedCircle or SeedCast (which is our previous name)
  4. If the value is not either of the above, then click Update and re-enter your RedCircle RSS Feed. Make sure to select RedCircle from the hosting provider drop-down if prompted.
  5. If you’re not prompted to switch your host, then you need to contact Spotify’s Support to request the change.

Feel free to reach out to our Support team if you run into any issues!

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