So you've signed up and created your first podcast, it's time to upload your first episode.

Creating an Episode

Start by visiting the podcast list page, and clicking on the podcast that you want to add an episode for.  On the podcast's page, next to the 'Episodes' heading, click the 'New' button to bring up the form.

Once you're on the episode form, fill in the details to get your podcast episode out to the world.  Here's what each field means:

Episode Artwork: If you want your episode to have its own image, you can upload one here.  It must be at least 1400x1400 pixels and less than 3000x3000.  If you don't supply an image, instead, most podcast apps will use the artwork you uploaded when you set up your podcast.

Upload MP3: Here you'll upload the audio file for your podcast episode.  RedCircle supports .mp3 and .m4a files.  These files can sometimes be pretty large, so be patient after submitting the form - uploading can take a minute or two. Keep in mind that the maximum size for a single audio file is 200MB. If the file size is too large, we suggest lowering the bitrate. 

Title: The name of this specific episode.

Description:  The details of this episode including any show notes, links, etc.

Publish Date: This is the date that your episode will become available.  Set it to the present or the past to release the episode immediately.  Set it to some time in the future to release the episode later.

Draft Status: If you don't want to release the episode to your listeners yet, you can check 'Save as Draft.'  If this box is checked, regardless of the publish date, your episode will not be released.

Hit 'Create' and you're all set with your first episode!  Time to distribute your podcast to a bunch of apps and directories.

Optional Fields

The episode form has several fields which are not required, but here are the details of what each field does:

Subtitle: A short teaser about your episode that Apple Podcasts uses in a few places.

Summary: Similar to the description you created earlier, the summary is used to tell your users about what to expect in this episode.  The summary field doesn't support rich content, so no links, bold text, etc.  If you don't supply a summary, RedCircle will automatically generate one based off of your description.

Episode Number: Some podcast players support explicit episode numbering.  You can fill this in here, but many podcasters choose to include their season and episode numbers in their episode titles.

Season: A number representing a 'season' (or group of episodes).  Although, not all podcast apps support grouping by season.

Episode Type: This is a field used by Apple Podcasts which can be used to differentiate between different types of content.  Most likely you want 'Full.'

Episode is Explicit: Apple Podcasts requires that you mark episodes with explicit content as explicit.  You should check this box if your audio content contains cursing, sensitive content, etc.

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