Before you get going with this article, make sure you've transferred your podcast to RedCircle.

If you haven't distributed your podcast to Spotify before, you can do so with just one click!  Just visit your distribution page.

If your podcast is already distributed to Spotify, there are a few extra steps needed to make sure that RedCircle is able to grab your Spotify statistics.

Claim Your Podcast on Spotify for Podcasters

If you haven't done this already, the first step is to claim your podcast on Spotify for Podcasters.  Sign up there using a Spotify account, and enter your podcast's RedCircle RSS feed.

Spotify may ask you to verify you are the RSS feed owner via an email verification.  They'll send the confirmation email to the email address associated with your RSS feed.  You can adjust this email address from your podcast's page within RedCircle.  Click the '...' next to the podcast's title and select 'Podcast Settings' to edit your contact email.

After verifying your email, Spotify may ask you to enter some metadata about your show (e.g. country, language, etc).  Be sure to select 'RedCircle' as your hosting provider if prompted.

Updating Your Podcast's Hosting Provider to RedCircle

Once you've claimed your podcast on Spotify, go to the podcast's page on Spotify for Podcasters, and select the 'Details' tab.  Make sure that the 'Hosting Provider' value says 'RedCircle' or 'SeedCast' (our old name).  If it doesn't, click the 'Update' button at the bottom of the screen, re-enter your RSS feed, and make sure to select 'RedCircle' from the hosting provider drop down if prompted.  

If you aren't prompted to switch your hosting provider, you're going to need to email Spotify's support and ask to switch.

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