Advertising on RedCircle 101

Learn everything you need to know about using RedCircle to advertise your brand!

The RedCircle Ad Platform (also known as “RAP”) is our technology-driven online marketplace that offers podcast inventory to advertisers, including both Host-Read and run-of-network ads. As an advertiser, RAP is your one-stop shop to set up, run, and track campaigns across hundreds of podcasts. And it’s all within your RedCircle account!

Running a Podcast Ad Campaign

Our Advertising Platform streamlines the manual process of coordinating and executing ad campaigns across multiple different podcasts. So, no more communicating with dozens of different podcasters via email in hopes of a partnership. Brands and agencies use our platform to purchase ad inventory and run campaigns on podcasts across all genres and demographics. 

To set up a campaign, you simply input information about your brand and your preferences on ad placement and frequency. You can then browse our extensive catalog of podcasts to find the best fit(s) for your campaign. Our technology makes it easy for you to invite shows (whether it’s one show or one hundred shows!) and run your campaign seamlessly. When you invite shows to join, you can see how many impressions they can offer during the timeframe of your campaign so that you can smartly allocate your budget.

You can upload your script and talking point once a show accepts your invitation to join your campaign. Podcasters can then record and upload the ad audio so you can give it a listen before the campaign is set to start. If you find any issues with their ad recording, you can even request an audio swap from the podcaster! When your campaign begins, RedCircle’s dynamic insertion technology allows your ad to play across the inventory available on shows in your campaign.

You need to work with our Advertising team to get your account set up before running your first ad campaign through RedCircle.

Set Up Your Team on RedCircle

Collaborating with your team on RedCircle is easy. You can add unlimited users to your account, and assign them permissions to access campaigns you’ve set up. Check out this Help article for a full breakdown of permissions.

After Your Campaign

Throughout and after your campaign, you can download reporting on the number of impressions by week on each show for your own records. Please note that these reported impression numbers will match very closely, but may not match exactly, to the impression numbers on your final billing for the campaign. This small difference is caused by the time zone in which you download your reporting. The impression numbers included on your billing should be considered the final definitive numbers.

You can even copy a past campaign, making it a breeze to renew on shows you’ve worked with before! 

Further Resources

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