When will I get paid?

When to expect your well-earned revenue!

So, you’ve recently started monetizing your podcast. Maybe you turned on Donations, or you launched bonus episodes with our Exclusive Content feature, or maybe you opted in to RAP (the RedCircle Ad Platform). You probably have the same question no matter how you’re making money: When will I receive those payments?

Well, look no further! This article was created with that exact question in mind. Read on to learn more.

Donations & Exclusive Content
Programmatic Ads
Host-Read Ads
Money Page Overview

Donations & Exclusive Content

Money earned through Donations and Exclusive Content is always immediately sent to your Stripe account. However, it can take 7 to 10 days for the funds to be made available for payout.

Payments made by listeners/subscribers function similarly to typical payments for most services. Your listeners/subscribers pay you directly from their own funds. Those payments are then deposited to your Stripe account shortly after. The pending balance timeframe on the Money page depends on your bank and how quickly they can process the payments.

Programmatic Ads

Programmatic Ads play automatically throughout your podcast. Using Insertion Points, assigning the Default Ad Block makes it so these types of ads play when inventory is available.

The payments for Programmatic Ads occur on a monthly basis since these types of ads start playing as soon as you opt in through RAP. Programmatic Ad payments are sent to your Stripe account within the first few days of the following month.

Let’s say for example that you opted in to RAP on January 1st (getting a jump start on your New Year’s Resolution!) Programmatic Ads then run on your podcast from January 1st onwards. Each download/stream from January 1st to January 31st contributes to your total for the month. During the first week of February, you might notice a payment labeled “RAP Payment from Programmatic Ads (01/01/2x - 01/31/2x)” on your Money page.

Like other payments, it could take up to 7-10 days for the balance to move from pending to current.

Host-Read Ads

Host-Read Ads are a much different beast in comparison to Programmatics. Each brand you work with is individually responsible for fulfilling the invoice for the campaign.

A general rule of thumb: Payments for Host-Read Ads often take up to 120 days from the end of the campaign to complete. For most advertisers and agencies, RedCircle invoices them at the end of the month that your ad runs. For example, if your ad runs from February 7th to February 21st, then we invoice the brand in the first few days of March. From there, depending on our terms with the brand or agency, we would expect payments to come through within 90 days. We recognize that 90 days is super long! But this is somewhat the norm in the traditional media/advertising space. You should see a blue label (“Awaiting Brand”) next to a campaign after they are invoiced, along with an estimated payment date:

The estimated payment date is set for 90 days from when the brand was invoiced.

You’ll know a brand fulfilled the invoice when the line item moves from slightly opaque to full color:

(The blue “Awaiting Brand” label also disappears!)

Got any questions about your payments? No worries! Feel free to send an email over to our Support team and we’ll look into it for you.

Money Page Overview

The Money page lists every transaction that occurred on your RedCircle account including Donations, Subscriptions, Plan purchases, and RAP payments. These payments are displayed in chronological order (aside from your RedCircle Plan payment, which is stickied to the top.) 

Here’s an example of a typical Money page:

For this podcaster in particular, you can see all of the completed Host-Read Ad campaigns waiting for brand payment, fulfilled RAP payments from brands, and their monthly Programmatic Payments.

At the top, you should see three boxes labeled; “All Time Earnings”, “Pending Balance”, and “Current Balance”. You should also see a red (sometimes washed out based on available current balance) button labeled Transfer to Bank.

  • All Time Earnings refers to the total amount of money earned while on RedCircle. This includes all forms of payments, whether that’s RAP or Donations/Subscriptions.
  • Pending Balance are typically recent payments that are waiting for Stripe and your bank to finish processing. Funds clear within 7 to 10 days.
  • Current Balance is the amount of money available to be moved from your Stripe account to your bank account.
  • Transfer to Bank button initiates the “payout” to your bank from Stripe.