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Signing Up

To get going, visit our sign up page.  All we need is your name, email and a strong password to get started.

Creating a Show

Ready to create your podcast? From the show page click on 'New' to bring up the podcast form.

On the form, fill in each of the fields:

Image File: The main image for your podcast.  It must be at least 1400x1400 pixels and no larger than 3000x3000.  As a best practice, create an engaging image that's square and contains the title of your show in large lettering.

Name: The title of your podcast.  This is what everyone will call your show so choose wisely!

Description: A brief description of what your podcast is about. Use this space to tell listeners what to expect.

Categories: Choose at least one category that your show belongs to.

Show Contact Email: An email address where listeners can contact you. This address will be accessible to your listeners so consider registering an email like MyShowNamePodcast@gmail.com instead of using your personal one.

Show Author: This is the author name that will be published publicly with the show.  Use your name, the name of your podcasting group, or whatever else makes sense!

Note: There are other optional fields you can fill out by clicking 'More Options.'

Once you've filled out the form, hit "Create," and that's it.  Congrats on creating your first podcast!

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