We're hard at work making sure that RedCircle is the best podcasting platform for hosting, analytics, growth, and monetization. In fact, 9/10 RedCircle users say they are very likely to refer their friends to our product. However, if for some reason our product isn't meeting your needs, we are happy to help you get your podcast redirected over to another hosting provider. We will never lock you into our platform if you want to host your podcast elsewhere.

Getting a redirect set up is simple. If you're the Org Owner or your Org Owner gave you this permission, follow the steps below to do a 301 redirect to your new podcast host.

1. Log in to your account, and click on the podcast you’d like to redirect

2. Click the 3 dots next to the title of your podcast, and select Remove Podcast

3. From there, choose the option to Redirect Podcast

4. Select your new host from the dropdown and paste in your new RSS feed from your new host. Before doing so, double check that A) the RSS feed you are looking to redirect to does not redirect to RedCircle; test this by visiting your new RSS feed in your browser, and ensuring that a redirect back to RedCircle does not take place, and B) all of your episodes are present in your new RSS feed.

5. We appreciate any feedback as to why you’re leaving RedCircle. There’s no pressure, but if you could please explain why you chose a new host, it greatly helps us improve our product so we can better fit the needs of a podcaster like yourself!

6. Check the box labeled I understand after reading the note

7. Click Redirect!

You’re now good to go. As long as you don’t permanently delete the show from RedCircle, your redirect will stay up indefinitely.

If you're looking to delete your podcast rather than redirect it to another host, read this article about Deleting Your Podcast.

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