The RedCircle Ad Platform (RAP) is your one-stop shop to monetize your show with advertising, all from right inside your RedCircle account. To learn more about RAP, check out this article.

Before you set up your advertising profile, make sure to set up your bank account in the ‘Money’ section of your account so we know where to send the money when you get paid. At this time, you must have a bank account that can be connected to our payment provider, Stripe (see International Coverage for details).

Once you’ve connected your bank account, go to the ‘Ad Platform’ tab in the RedCircle web app, select the podcast you’d like to opt in, and then click the red 'Get Started' button to begin.


The first thing you’ll need to do when setting up your profile is indicate which types of ads you’d like to run on your show. RAP has a full suite of advertising opportunities which includes both “Host-Read” and “Programmatic” ads. Almost all of the shows that have joined RAP are opted-in to both of these types.

If you’d like to receive Host-Read advertising offers (eg you give an endorsement of the product and record the ad in your own voice), keep the “Host-Read Ads” box checked. Don’t worry, the brand will provide you with a script or talking points for these types of ads.


Next, you’ll need to indicate the rates you’d like to charge for these Host-Read ads. As pricing can be quite tricky, we pre-fill suggested CPM rates that we think are reasonable for your podcast’s size, and automatically calculate your Spot Rate for you as a function of your CPM rates. If you’re an advanced podcaster that wants to edit your rates, please check out this Guide to Setting Host-Read Ad Rates.

Promo Code

It’s common that brands will want each show that they advertise on to incorporate a unique code into their ad read as either a promo code or at the end of a vanity URL. That way, listeners can use it when purchasing the brand’s product, and the brand has a way to track those new orders back to your show.

Choose a promo code for your show that is easy for your listeners to remember. For instance, if your podcast is called 'The Truck Talk Show,' you might choose TRUCKTALK as your code.



Tell advertisers the names of all of the hosts on your podcast, so they can better understand your show and the people behind it. You will also add mailing addresses here, so brands can mail you free product samples before you record your endorsement.

Please note: the only time we will give your mailing address to a brand is if they’ve indicated that they will be shipping product samples, and your show has accepted the campaign offer.

Your Listeners

Adding your listener demographics to your profile is crucial, as this is one of the most important pieces of information that a brand will use to determine if your show is the right “fit” for their target audience. You can find the breakdown of your listener’s demographics by going into your Spotify for Podcasters account, clicking on the “Audience” page, filtering on “All time” and then scrolling down to the Gender and Age sections. If for some reason you don’t have access to a Spotify for Podcaster’s account, you can give a best guess to start, and always come back to edit your profile later.

Social Media

Include links to social media accounts. You can use your own personal accounts or accounts you've created for your podcast. Providing this information helps advertisers understand your audience and influence, so it’s best to choose the accounts that are most active / have the most engaged audiences.


If you’d like to run Programmatic Ads on your show (e.g. targeted ads that are pre-recorded), keep the “Programmatic Ads” box checked.


There are a few things to help you customize Programmatic Ads and make them as targeted as possible:

Your show’s primary category

We pre-fill your show’s primary category based on what you have listed in your podcast settings, but make sure what is showing up is correct. Your primary category will help brands target their ad to their ideal audience.

Ad categories you’d like to EXCLUDE

Depending on your Account Plan, you may be able to exclude ad categories if there are certain ones that you do NOT want running on your show. To do this, select the categories you’d like to exclude from the exclusion list dropdown (e.g. if you don’t want political ads running, check “Politics” as one of your exclusions). Please note: regardless of which Account Plan you’re in, there are a handful of categories that we universally exclude for everybody (like “Non-Standard Content”).

Programmatic Ad positions

We use a “Default Ad Block” audio block to insert both Host-Read and Programmatic Ads. By default, we insert these audio blocks in pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll insertion points to maximize your revenue (which you can learn more about here). That said, depending on your Account Plan, if you don’t want Programmatic Ads running in all positions you may be able to toggle positions on/off. Please note that turning positions off (especially the mid-roll) may significantly reduce your revenue.

Finalizing Your Settings

And that's it! Once you've filled out your show’s advertising profile, you can save the details and agree to join the RedCircle Ad Platform (RAP). By opting in, you agree to allow us to share your show's advertising profile information with prospective advertisers so they can find your show and invite you to their campaigns, and also add links to your episode notes for brand and listener info.

If you ever want to update your advertising profile (e.g. as your show grows, you may want to update your CPM rates), you can go to the ‘Ad Platform’ tab in the RedCircle web app (if you have more than one show on your account, you’ll need to then click on a show) > click ‘Edit Profile’ (top right).

What Happens Next?

Insertion Points

Our RedCircle Ad Platform (RAP) utilizes our dynamic insertion technology for all ads that come through the platform.

Once you opt-in to RAP, we automatically create an audio block for ads called “Default Ad Block” and assign it to pre-roll and post-roll insertion points across your back catalog. You can always click into your past episodes to update insertion points for individual episodes.

Going forward, when you upload a new episode, we will automatically add “Default Ad Block” insertion points to your pre-roll, post-roll, and to your mid-roll in the middle of your episode at the 50% timestamp. Please note: you will need to move your mid-roll insertion point to a timestamp that sounds natural for an ad break (otherwise the ad may cut you off in the middle of a sentence). Watch this video to see how to move your mid-roll insertion point.

Important: Do not delete these insertion points from your episode, as it'll limit your ability to monetize your show via future advertisement deals. Learn more about dynamic insertion for RAP.

Your RAP Dashboard

All ad information can be accessed through your RAP Dashboard, which you can get to by clicking the ‘Ad Platform’ tab in the RedCircle web app (if you have more than one show on your account, you’ll need to then click on a show). If you’re opted into Programmatic Ads, you’ll see your running total of programmatic earnings at the top of your dashboard, and if you’re opted into Host-Read Ads, all your campaign offers will appear here as well.

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