Understanding Host-Read Ads in RAP

Learn how to set up and monitor host-read campaigns

The RedCircle Ad Platform (RAP) is your one-stop shop to monetize your show with advertising, all from right inside your RedCircle account. New to RAP? See this Help article for a complete overview of this feature. And be absolutely sure that you’ve set up your profile on RAP before diving into the world of Host-Read Ads. 

Host-Read Ads are pretty much what they sound like – you, the podcaster, read the ad to your audience. Either straight from the heart or off of paper! Our Ad Platform makes it easy for you to receive campaigns, upload audio, and earn those sweet advertisement CPMs.

We’ll cover the basics of Host-Read Ads in this article:

RAP Host-Read Campaign Dashboard
Responding to Brand Inquiries
Viewing & Accepting Campaigns
Uploading the Audio
The Campaign Begins
Got a Question?
Further Resources

RAP Host-Read Campaign Dashboard

All campaigns can be found on the Campaign Dashboard on the Ad Platform page:

You can accept or decline campaigns, check on the status of in-progress campaigns, view the script, and upload audio all through this dashboard.

See our Help article on navigating the Host-Read Campaign Dashboard for a thorough review of this tool.

Responding to Brand Inquiries

One possible first step of a campaign is the receival of a brand inquiry. Advertisers interested in working with you can send a quick survey to gauge your interest and comfort before you both fully commit to a campaign.

Check out this Help article for more information on Brand Inquiries and how to best respond to them.

Viewing & Accepting Campaigns

Viewing and subsequently accepting (or declining) campaigns is the first step (sometimes the second!) in the Host-Read process. You have 5 days to accept for most campaigns. However, it’s vital to accept, or decline, Host-Read invites as quickly as you can! Some campaigns can fill up fast, which means your invitation could expire before the set deadline date. Don’t worry, though, we always send an email notification letting you know when you have a new campaign invite!

See this Help article for more information on how to view and accept campaigns.

Uploading the Audio

Once you’ve received the script, it’s time to upload your audio. Keep in mind that you are required to upload your ad audio no later than 3 days before the campaign is set to begin. Otherwise, the campaign will expire and you won’t be able to participate. We always make sure to send you reminders (both email and text) 72 to 24 hours before the audio due date. So keep an eye on your inbox!

Learn how to upload your ad audio, and other audio tips, in this Help article.

The Campaign Begins

After you’ve submitted the audio, and it’s been approved by the brand, the final step is for the campaign to run. If you’d like to know more about this process, then check out our Help article on what to expect during Host-Read campaigns.

Got a Question?

  1. When should I expect to get paid for this ad?

    A general rule of thumb: Payments for Host-Read Ads often take up to 120 days from the end of the campaign to complete. For most advertisers and agencies, RedCircle invoices them at the end of the month that your ad runs. For example, if your ad runs from February 7th to February 21st, then we invoice the brand in the first few days of March. From there, depending on our terms with the brand or agency, we would expect payments to come through within 90 days. We recognize that 90 days is super long! But this is somewhat the norm in the traditional media/advertising space.

    We send out notification emails as soon as you receive payment. Keep an eye on your inbox!

  2. Why was my campaign paused?
    This can happen for any number of reasons, but the most common is an issue with the ad read itself. This could range from the promo code being incorrect to a key talking point being missed.

    You’ll always get a note from the brand letting you know why the ad was paused and what needs to be fixed. You can find this note on the Campaign Details page in your RAP Campaign Dashboard.

  3. How do I swap the audio?
    If you need to change the audio on the ad for whatever reason, simply navigate to the Campaign Details page to start the process.

    If you’re swapping the audio to unpause your campaign, then you should see a red Replace Audio button on the page.

    If your campaign is not paused but you need to switch the audio, then click on the 3 dots (...) on the audio track section and select Script & Replace Audio.

  4. I’m not sure what my promo code is for this campaign. What is it and where can I find it?
    When a brand mentions a promo code, they’re most likely referring to the promo code you set for yourself in your RAP Settings unless otherwise noted. You can find your promo code by navigating to your RAP Settings, clicking on Promo Code from the list of options on the left side of the pop up screen.

    If the brand wants you to use a different promo code, then it should be noted in the script/talking points that they have provided for you.

  5. I didn’t receive the sample in time. Now what?
    Sometimes a sample doesn’t come in time for the ad recording. That’s okay! Instead of talking about an experience you never had, instead, focus on how excited you are to receive the product. How you plan on using it, what you’re looking forward to about the product, etc.

  6. I’m not totally comfortable with the script/talking points. What should I do?
    If you’re concerned about the content of the script and/or talking points from the brand, then don’t hesitate to reach out to our Ad Coordination team at ad-ops@getredcircle.com. They’d be happy to discuss your concerns and questions!

  7. I accepted a campaign but now it says it’s expired. What happened?
    Sometimes campaigns end early due to a number of reasons. For example, a brand may have reached their budget much earlier than anticipated. If this happens, then you’ll see that the campaign ‘expired’ despite it just being sent out. To avoid this, we recommend turning on your RedCircle notifications and accepting the campaign right away rather than waiting.

    Another reason could be a change in the campaign timeline or rates, or even a complete cancellation from the brand. A campaign will ‘expire’ if it’s ended early for any of the previously mentioned reasons. We always make sure to send you an email to inform you of why, though!

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