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One final step a podcaster should take after creating your podcast and uploading its first episode is to set up distribution to the many, many listening platforms available. A distribution platform is a listening catalog like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc.

Continue reading to learn more about the Distribution page and how to distribute your podcast across the globe!

The Distribution Page
Setting Up Distribution as a New Podcaster
Setting Up Distribution as an Existing Podcaster
Common Issues

The Distribution Page

We have a Distribution page where we provide instructions on how to distribute to a select number of listening platforms, but there are dozens of platforms available to circulate their show. That Distribution page is more of an organizational hub to help facilitate distribution to the various platforms. This page simply lists the instructions for each of the major distributors, it doesn't act as a connection between us and the distribution platforms.


As shown above, this page simply provides the instructions for each of the major distributors. It doesn't act as a connection between RedCircle and the listening platforms. Rather, the listening platforms ‘read’ your RSS Feed URL, which podcasters provide to them while setting up distribution, and make updates according to the changes made in their RSS Feeds.

RedCircle automatically publishes your show to Google Podcasts and RadioPublic. No action needed from you!

Be sure to read through our Help articles to learn how to distribute to Spotify, Apple PodcastsYouTube, and other popular platforms.

Once a show is published on one of the platforms listed on the Distribution page, simply return to that page and paste in the podcast’s URL into the URL text field.

If you migrated from another hosting platform, then see the Help articles for the specific listening platforms for instructions on updating your distribution.

Setting Up Distribution as a New Podcaster

A new podcaster will most likely want to distribute their show to as many possible outlets as they can. However, the major ones that account for a significant portion of downloads include Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Our Distribution page has instructions for all of the above plus Amazon Music and YouTube. We also list instructions for the other popular distribution platforms in our Help Center here.

It’s recommended that the podcaster creates accounts for each of the listening platforms so they have a bit more insight into, and control over, their show on those platforms. They may need to ‘claim’ those shows in order to do so.

Setting Up Distribution as an Existing Podcaster

Most podcasters who migrate over to RedCircle are already distributing their podcasts to the major platforms. The process of redirecting is what changes where the distribution platforms pull the podcast(s) from. After setting up and verifying the redirect, it should take up to 24 hours before the listening platforms update and reflect the new changes. However, podcasters can expedite this process by manually updating the RSS Feed on the listening platform itself (usually through the podcaster’s account settings on the platform.)

Our Help Center and Distribution page both provide instructions on how to update the various listening platforms after redirecting.

Common Issues

We created this section just in case you run into any issues while setting up your distribution. Be sure to check here first to see if the solution to your problem is already listed!

I pasted in the wrong distribution link. What do I do now?

Mistakes happen! Our Support team can easily swap the incorrect link with the right one. Simply provide us with the correct link and we’ll do the rest!

My show/episode is not showing up on one or more listening platforms. Why?

This can happen for a number of reasons, though the most common are 1) the listening platform(s) only crawls your show once every 24 hours, or 2) the episode was never published.

Some listening platforms can take up to 24 hours to update and reflect new changes, such as newly released episodes. If you’re not seeing the change in 24 hours, then follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Audio can stay cached for up to 24 hours on your device. Try clearing the cache or listening on another device and/or network
  2. Reach out to the platform’s Support team to see if they’re able to assist with the issue.

There are two versions of my show on a listening platform. Help!

Don’t panic! This often occurs for two reasons; 1) You accidentally created a new version of your show on RedCircle (so, not actually redirecting), or 2) you manually created the show on the listening platform.

To resolve the first reason, you just need to delete your podcast on RedCircle and reach out to the platforms to remove the show from their library. Then, you need to redirect your show from your previous host to RedCircle.

To resolve the second reason, you need to reach out to the listening platform(s) and request that that version of the show be removed from their libraries. Then, you should double-check that the original version of your show is pulling from RedCircle. (Their Support teams should be able to assist you with this step.)

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