Migrating your podcast to RedCircle is a lot easier than it might feel.  Don't stress! We'll walk you through the whole process.

Step 1 - Import Your Podcast To RedCircle

Before we redirect your podcast's feed to RedCircle, we need to make sure that RedCircle has a complete copy of your podcast.  From the podcast listing page, click "Import."  A form will appear to walk you through the import process.

Enter your existing podcast's name into the 'Podcast Name' field to search for your show and select it from the list.  If the podcast doesn't show up, you can also click the link to enter your RSS feed URL manually.  You can get your RSS feed URL from your existing podcast hosting vendor.

Once you've selected your podcast or entered your feed URL, a checkbox will appear requiring that you assert that you have rights to the podcast that you are importing. You should only import podcasts of which you are the owner.

Once that box is checked, click 'Import' and RedCircle will take care of the rest. Depending on your podcast's size, It may take several minutes to fully import your podcast.

Step 2 - Redirect Your Existing RSS Feed

Now that RedCircle has a copy of your show, we can redirect your existing podcast to the new one.  If your import is done, you'll see a banner on the podcast's page within RedCircle that looks like this:

Click on the link, and you'll be taken to a page which walks you through how to set up the redirect with your existing host:

NOTE: If you don't see your existing host on the list, read their support docs or reach out to their support team for assistance.  You can also reach out to RedCircle support for help.  Depending on your host, you may be able to redirect your feed with a couple of clicks, or it may take an email or two with their support team.

Once your redirect is set up, you can click the 'Verify Redirect' button.  If the redirect is set up properly, your migration to RedCircle is complete!  If something goes wrong when verifying the redirect, check back with your original hosting company to see what might be wrong.

NOTE: Make sure that there were no changes to your original podcast between steps 1 and steps 2.  If you added a new episode between your import and the redirect, you should re-import your podcast and start over.


Step 3 - Follow Up Items

Where should I post my new episodes after the migration?

With the redirect completed, most podcast apps are now connected to RedCircle for your podcast's content.  New episodes should be created on RedCircle going forward.

When can I cancel my previous host?

It's important to keep your existing podcast host up and running for 4 weeks.  This gives the podcast player apps enough time to update to the new location for your podcast.  

My show was already registered on Stitcher, do I need to do anything?

Most podcast registries will automatically pick up your RSS feed changes, and Stitcher sometimes does this on its own.  To be safe, Log in to Stitcher to update the RSS feed URL to your new RedCircle URL. 

My show was already registered on Spotify, do I need to do anything?

Spotify has a few other steps you should do to make sure RedCircle can pick up your stats.  Check out this article.

I have a website for my podcast where I post episodes, how should I handle this? 

Now that your RSS feed is being served from RedCircle, only the content you post to RedCircle will appear to listeners in their podcast apps.  Your website will not impact what shows / episodes are released to Apple, Spotify, etc.

That said, many podcasters like having a separate website where users can find their content on the web.  Going forward, you can post your episodes to both RedCircle and your website.  We suggest you use RedCircle's hosted copy of your audio file so that downloads on your website are reported in RedCircle's statistics. You can get your audio file URL from the episode's page on RedCircle.  Click the '...' next to the episode title and select 'Get Episode Media URL'

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