What is Dynamic Insertion?

Insert audio clips and ads into your episodes

RedCircle's dynamic insertion technology really opens up the possibilities of what you can do with your audio. Do you want your cross-promotional ads to show up in a particular place instead of pre-roll? Do you want to share the same intro music across all of your episodes? And then swap the song out across your entire catalog at once? Want to sell your own ads that only run for 30 days and then remove them from your content?

All of this is possible with RedCircle's new dynamic insertion feature.

How does it work?

With Dynamic Insertion, RedCircle stitches together the audio file for your episode right when your listeners download it. Rather than serving the exact same audio file you upload to RedCircle, we create a version of your content on the fly when the listener downloads or streams your show.

This means that two listeners can download your show at the same time but receive slightly different copies of the content. For instance, let's say you're participating in two different cross-promotional ad deals at the same time. With RedCircle, one listener who downloads your show receives a copy of the episode with the first cross-promo in it, while the second listener receives a copy with the second cross-promo inserted.

What can I do with it?

There are lots of new and interesting use cases for this technology.  Here are a few ways that our new Dynamic Insertion technology can help!

  • Moving cross-promotional ads around: By editing Insertion Points, you can specify exactly where you'd like to have ads inserted within your content. By default, cross-promotions appear pre-roll, but you have the ability to set the ads to run at whatever timestamp you wish. So, you can play cross-promotions before the ads run, or after. It's up to you!

  • Running your own ads: With Dynamic Insertion, you can record an ad for a brand and insert it at whatever timestamp you'd like within your content. Instead of "burning in"  your ad, you can remove the ad read after 90 days and re-open the advertising space for another buyer on your back catalog. All with only a few clicks!

  • Repeatable Content: Do you use the same intro in every show? Maybe you always append the same credits to your content? With Dynamic Insertion, you can use the same audio clip across multiple episodes. You can even easily change the audio file across all episodes at once!

Sounds great! How do I use it?

We've got tons of great help content to walk you through starting to use Dynamic Insertion.  Check out some of the articles below.