Looking to create a new podcast?  You've come to the right place.  RedCircle is the perfect platform for creators to quickly and easily create a new show and distribute it to listeners all over the world.  

What do I need to get started?

It doesn't take much to start a new podcast; you just need a few things:

  1. Branding - Your podcast needs a name, an image, a description, etc.

  2. Audio Content - You'll need to record and edit some audio content to share with your listeners.

  3. Podcast Hosting - RedCircle provides this for you. For free!

Let's get going!

Naming your Podcast

First things first, you need to come up with a name for your show.  There's no shortcut to coming up with a good name, but here's some advice:

Be Descriptive
Listeners searching for shows should be able to understand what your show is about from its title.

Check for Existing Shows With the Same Name
Make sure someone else doesn't already use the same title (or something similar).
You want it to be easy for listeners to find your show, so watch out for conflicts.

Don't be Too Generic
With a
show title like 'The Football Podcast' or 'The Music Show,' it will be hard to stand out.  Try to come up with a memorable name.

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Creating Podcast Artwork

Once you have a name for your podcast, you'll need to create an image to represent the show.  Podcast players and directories frequently include this image next to your show in search results, when playing the content, etc.

You want the image to be engaging but also informative.  It should look beautiful, include the name of your show in large bold font, and work well at different sizes.  

NOTE: Your image should be square and must be at least 1400x1400 pixels and must be less than 3000x3000.

Not a graphic designer yourself?  No problem, here's a few ideas on how to create an image for your show:

  • Try Canva out.  It's a simple-to-use web-based graphic design service.  Someone with very little artistic ability can create beautiful images.

  • If you're willing to pay, try out 99 Designs.  You can hire a great designers for a few hundred dollars.

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Recording Your Content

Now that your show has a name and some artwork, it's time to record your audio.  A pro audio studio would be super expensive, but you can usually create some pretty good audio in your home with the right equipment.  

Make sure the content is interesting; you want your listeners to subscribe and come to the next episode.  Have segments to your show (welcome, listener feedback, outro, etc) to break up the content and keep your listeners engaged.

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Editing The Audio

After your recording session, you'll want to use some editing software to cut up the content, add some intro music.  Check out our guide to audio editing options for help on selecting the right editing software for you.

Hosting and Distributing Your Podcast

Now with a podcast title, some artwork, and an audio file for your first episode, you're ready to launch your podcast!  Check out the RedCircle Basics guides to get started.

Congrats on starting a new podcast!

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